Accomplish More with Integrated Tennis Club Software Features

See What You Can Do with Our Tennis Club Software Features

Experience better facility management with tennis club software that brings all of your management needs into a single, integrated solution. Whether you run a large or small privately-owned tennis club or a public tennis facility, let 10sPortal's easy-to-use software grow with your needs.

Send Electronic Account Statements
Let 10sClub relieve the strain of using different software programs to manage your membership base:
  • Keep a running tally of the state of your members' accounts
  • Send electronic account statements to tennis club members from a single application
  • Have members pay statements directly through the system
Manage Revenue with an integrated Point of Sale System
Sell goods and services and manage your revenue at the same time, all without using an accounting system as your Point of Sale. This makes it easy to:
  • Track money coming in relative to tennis services or goods being provided
  • Issue refunds, voids and receive payments for member accounts
  • Automatically feed payroll
Generate Payroll Reports
Relieve your tennis pros from tracking/turning in hours for payroll, and your accounting staff from reentering data into your accounting system:
  • Generate the data to feed into your accounting system with less room for human error
  • Let pros simply show up to appointments and confirm they took place
  • Everything else flows to the payroll system for easy reporting
Save Time Calculating Complicated Commission Payroll Portions
Automatically calculate payroll by:
  • Calculating commission automatically related to the services provided by your tennis facility
  • Minimizing errors by automatically collecting payroll information from the court sheet
Provide Real-time, Self-Serve Tennis Court Reservations Online
Get an online court reservations system with many options for member self-serve:
  • Schedule a tennis court or private tennis lesson
  • Reserve facility resources (e.g. ball machines)
  • Find people to play with based on their player level, age and more
Get Smart Data with Comprehensive Reporting & Data-Analytics
Don't just THINK you know, KNOW you know what's happening at your facility in real time:
  • Simply document what happens when it happens
  • Let our reporting module take all info on all activities and pull them into reports
  • Know sales by hour of day, who your highest performing tennis pros are, and more
  • Use real-time data for important decision making
Manage Private, Semi Private, Event & Group Tennis Lessons
Give your pros an easy tool to manage private, semi-private and group tennis classes:
  • Add credits to member accounts when you sell a tennis lesson
  • Deduct credits when members book and confirm a court
  • Track RSVPs for group lessons and communicate efficiently with attendees
Track Attendance & Manage Adult and Junior Tennis Programs
Sell adult and junior tennis program packages to your members, select their classes, and then:
  • Manage class attendance with ease
  • Integrate member account credits with the roster to add students automatically
  • Feed payroll easily with our integrated payroll module
Manage Tennis Stringing Jobs with Minimal Effort
Maximize communication for your facility, stringers and customers - all with minimal effort and confusion. Take in stringing jobs, and:
  • Specify the job details
  • Identify a completion date
  • Automatically track stringing history for your customers
Manage Membership Accounts
Spend more time growing your member base and less time performing functions to manage members by:
  • Allowing members to charge to club accounts and make payments online
  • Managing lesson packages and automatically deducting the credits as they are used
  • Sending member statements monthly, quarterly or however you want
Track Employee Records
Track services provided by your staff automatically based on their configuration and schedule. This makes it easy to:
  • Commision payroll portions to different people at your tennis club
  • Customize pay based on service types
  • Keep track of your employee wages
  • Complete payroll reports in just a few clicks
Send More Relevant Communications to Your Members
Take the guesswork out of your member marketing messages with the help of our tennis marketing tools by:
  • Sending communications targeted to a group of members at your facility
  • Ensuring the right members receive your messages
Manage Tennis Groups and Teams
Ensure your tennis groups and teams have a memorable experience with proper group communication and planning tools. Let your members:
  • Message the group and other group members (Great for tennis team captains).
  • Send RSVP requests to see who can make the match
  • Respond to RSVP requests
Publish an Easy-to-Manage Tennis Club Website
Put the control of your web content back in your hands with a content management system for your website:
  • Save on web hosting (optional, but included in our monthly subscription).
  • Additional hourly rates may apply for CMS setup, integration or custom web design services.
Match Players with Compatible Abilities
Keep members more active and on the court by:
  • Matching players with compatible abilities to create great tennis matches
  • Notifying members when a player of their skill level is looking for a match.
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